Asset Management

Saudi Venture Capital Investment Company (SVCIC) provides a variety of Sharia Compliant asset management services that cater for institutional investors, corporate clients, and high net worth individuals. Our asset management services include: fund management, discretionary portfolio management, and wealth management advisory services. SVCIC asset management team is highly experienced and adheres to the premier levels of standards and prudence in the way they manage the underlying portfolios.

Investment Philosophy

SVCIC will endeavor to preserve and grow Client portfolios taking into account clients’ needs and objectives. Our investment philosophy is characterized by a focused and disciplined approach to long-term investing into undervalued businesses that are managed by people of integrity, vision and competence. Fundamental analysis is the key factor in our decision making. We focus on four important attributes in any underlying business we intend to invest in: Quality Businesses, Qualified Management Teams, Valuations, and Growth Potentials. The team utilizes a mixture of top down and bottom up approaches in its research methodologies in order to identify attractive investment opportunities. A combination of qualitative and quantitative tools is utilized to conduct all research and analysis.

Fund Management

SVCIC offers a range of sharia complaint funds that allows its investors to invest in different asset classes like: public equities, money markets, private equities and real estate within Saudi Arabia, GCC region, and international markets.

Dictionary Portfolio Management

Dictionary Portfolio management (DPM) represents customized portfolio management services for institutional investors and high net worth individuals with specific/unique needs and requirements who do not want to invest in comingled accounts. Saudi Venture Capital Investment Company (SVCIC) provides such customizable solutions in the Saudi public equity space. Before deploying portfolio money, SVCIC team will thoroughly discuss with the clients their objectives, risk tolerance and constraints, and then develop the portfolio Investment Policy statement (IPS) and guidelines that intend to meet the above. The investment team will manage portfolios in accordance of the agreed upon investment policy statements in order to achieve client’s objectives and ensure suitability of the underlying investments with its clients’ profile and needs.

Wealth Management Advisory Services

These services include but are not limited to advising clients on: Investment policy statements, external manager selection and due diligence, asset allocation, portfolio restructuring, investment products assessment and advice, etc…

Real Estate Investments

SVCIC plays a financial intermediary role in real estate investment opportunities to fill in the gap between developments and investors. Our real estate professional team evaluates the optimal financial structure for each opportunity that provides investors with an optimal risk return payoff. Real estate investment services include: feasibility studies, due diligence, financial structure analysis, risk management analysis, fund raising, etc. Our main focus is on real estate investment opportunities within Saudi Arabia